Feeling a bit lost in your business?


Are you a business owner who is…

-Not sure what the next move in your business should be?

-Struggling to delegate tasks to others so you don’t have to do everything yourself?

-Thinking about hiring a team, but not sure how to even start?

-Already leading a team, but getting lost in all the details?

-Overwhelmed with all the systems and processes it takes to run your business?

Spend 3 or 6 months consulting with me targeting your specific issues

and gaining clarity in your business.


I have spent over 20 years creating businesses, leading teams, and getting out into the community to educate others while learning from them as well.


Having someone show you the way who has been there (like me!) can help elevate your business and your peace of mind.


In 90 days we will focus on 3 core goals for your business and I will guide you on how to take action and get things done.


We will target what you need and where you want to go and I'll give you the roadmap to get there!

Cory and I spent  time together reviewing last year and planning for this one. She helped give me clarity on my team, my systems, and how we can continue to grow this year. We just had our best month ever and I never could’ve gotten here without her.

Stephanie Pitts

Owner, My Ed Therapist

Consulting is tailored to your business depending on your needs.

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